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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. >> right now on fox 29 news at 6:00 a bitter cold blast. a polar vortex is moving in and damaging winds will make it feel even worse out there. conditions quickly deteriorating this weekend and becoming more dangerous than they are right now. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. if you've been outside it is tough outside tonight and it is just the beginning. fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams outside our old city studios. scott, it is not warming up any time soon, is it. >> it really is not. good evening chris and dawn. of course, temperatures continue to tumble right now here in old city. folks are bundled up and they have a little extra pep in their step as well. i'm going to step out of the way and you can see across the street there at the bus terminal they are huddled together waiting on that bus, and it is cold outdoors right now. as we take look at the polar vortex, it is making a come back some of the coldest air of the
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season is about to head toward the delaware valley. 23 degrees right now but you factor in that wind it feels like a bone-chilling 12 and look at the wind chills right now. 10 what it feels like in allentown as well as atlantic city down to sections of wilmington but take look. winter weather advisories posted tomorrow afternoon and evening through sunday morning for slick roads, blowing snow and reduced visibilities. we're dry and quiet but cold for your friday evening out but take a look at that burst of snow moving towards sections of detroit that's our next weather maker as we roll the clock you can see it arrives tomorrow afternoon and evening. we're looking at reduced visibilities and a quick one to 3-inches of snowfall out of that system before it cranks up and turns into a massive nor'easter once again for new england but look at those thin lines. those are iso bars. equal lines of pressure and that means we're looking at gusty winds picking up during the day on sunday. so as we talk about the bottom line wind chills tonight in the teens and single digits.
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valentine's day snow with a light accumulations but it's going lock like white out conditions for some when you factor in those gusty winds tomorrow afternoon and evening. and then those winds really ramp up. we're looking at the potential for pout outages and also bridge restrictions due to those gusty winds saturday night the timing into sunday afternoon. and it gets colder still looking at record cold potentially sunday night into monday morning. we'll have more details on that as well as maybe a little bit of a warmup with the seven day forecast. back to you. >> all right. scott, come on in. these brawly cold temperatures making it difficult for anyone who has to work outside and if you aren't careful in these conditions it definitely can turn dangerous. fox 29's brad sattin live with us tonight in olney with more on what you need to keep an eye on tonight. brad? >> reporter: chris hand warmers are pretty good idea today and through this weekend if you have them, good time to use them for sure. a lot of folks of course have no
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choice but to be outside if for instance you're waiting for a bus. as folks are doing here all bundled up you don't want any exposed skin because what we're hearing with the wind chills we're seeing over the next few days you could see frost bite win 30 minutes. let's take to you some pictures here. finding girls outside. they are they were only out for 10 minutes feeling numb fingers without gloves. if you have to be outside wear layers includeing a waterproof layer and wool material over cotton and you don't want to drink alcohol. area hospitals tell me they are starting to gear up for cases of frost bite. that possibility this weekend. you can prevent it by doing simple things like wearing gloves and no you are not immune even if your name is summer. >> it's so cold. oh, my gosh i'm freezing like my fingers. >> where are your gloves. >> i left them at home. >> ukee feel my fingers right now. >> how long have you been outside? >> we just came out the building. >> we just came out. it just hit us -- >> a lot of bricks.
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it happens right a way. >> yes. >> you going to bring your gloves tomorrow y. >> it can happen very quickly. it's important to stay out of the cold when you can and keep those areas covered. >> reporter: latigoes through some signs of frost bite here. cold skin kind of a prickly feeling could worsen into blue like or grayish skin. hard waxy skin and very painful painfulling when you have increased pain or swelling numbness or blisters and lastly you want to go straight to the emergency room if you feel intense shivering slurred speech or loss of coordination. if you start to get a little numb and it's just a mild case you do not want to pour hot water over your skin. mild water is okay. of course, wrapping knit blanket is a good idea as well. best idea, of course stay inside if you can guys. back to you. >> absolutely. thank you, get warm, jump in the van, brad.
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the cold weather claims the life of a dog in delaware county county. it is a tragic reminder to owners to protect their pets. bring them inside in this weather protect them from the elements. fox 29's sabina kuriakose has the story for us out of chester. >> reporter: neighbors 11 the dog was kept out in the cold for weeks on end. they say he was a loving friendly animal who never stood chance. no answer at door of this chester home where neighbors say the unthinkable happened to a beloved animal. >> we went out back to check on the dog and it froze to death overnight. >> reporter: tyler doesn't want to show his face on camera but says his neighbor's loving pitbull who tyler nicknamed spot was left out for weeks in the cold. >> it was never inside. it was always out back. 24/7 they never brought it in. >> reporter: tyler and his family took pity on the dog. >> well would pet it. it would play with us. we'd feed it.
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it was great dog. it's a shame it died. >> reporter: now neighbors are calling for justice. after the delco spca confirmed the dog froze to death earlier this month. the spca says police are investigateing a spokesperson says any pets left outside in frigid temperatures must have enclosed shelter, food and water water. spot died the spca says there could be charges pending the police investigation. >> i just love animals and i don't think anything should suffer like that. >> reporter: chester pd didn't return a request for comment. just this winter philadelphia started enforcing an ordinance which stated that pet owners have to bring their dogs inside if temperatures dip to around 20 degrees. it's designed to prevent this very kind of tragedy. sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. pennsylvania's death penalty is on hold tonight as the governor waits for a commission's report. governor tom wolf issue the moratorium today. he's awaiting that capital
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punishment report that's been in the work for four years now. it does mean that temporary reprieve for 46-year-old terrence williams of germantown. he was scheduled to die by lethal injection on march 4th. he was convicted of killing two men back in 1984. tonight a woman is trying to forget the horrifying details of a traumatic home invasion. man forcing his way into her home tiling her up with duct tape and robbing her. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live in warrington tonight with more on this terrible story. dave? >> reporter: dawn, a knock on the door and a plea for help turned into a home invasion robbery for the 85-year-old victim and while it was a terrifying ordeal for her tonight residents here on street road are concerned about their own safety as well. >> it's that someone breaks into a poor old lady's house. >> reporter: gary work at the auto body next door to the 85-year-old woman had was tied up and robbed wednesday night here on street road in warrington.
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he says it was a heartless crime crime. >> makes me worry because i got three kids. >> he taped her one arm to the chair and ran out of duct tape and tied the other one with an extension cord. >> reporter: that's were bob found when he and police arrived at his neighbor's home. moments after she had been victimized by that home invasion robber. >> i just went over because, you know, i'm here went got to go take care of her you know what i mean much these a nice lady. >> reporter: it was just after 8:00 o'clock when the vick tum heard a knock at the front door and opened it to find a man asking for help. >> i think the guy said his car was broke down and, you know, along street road for years everybody knocks on somebody's door and says if they have a problem and call here. >> reporter: suspect quickly pushed his way in and tied up the victim. he stole cash, silver and jewelry. >> that's the way the world is becoming today. it's disgusting. >> reporter: neighbors and employees at businesses next door were disgusted by the attack on their elderly neighbor. they say just recently got out of the hospital after recovering from a broken hip. >> i guess everybody has got to watch. instead of opening your door you got to say listen i'll call
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911. the cops will be here in a minute. >> that's the way the world is going to be. your house will be fortified and everybody will be scared of the next person knocking on roar doo. >> neighbors believe this was a random crime. the suspect is still at large. he was not armed and the victim in this case was not injured. if you have any information on the suspect you should call warrington police. chris? >> thanks, dave. more than 40 people are behind bars following an operation dead beat sweep. early morning fugitive sweep was conducted by nearly 100 law enforcement officials. the operation targeted those in an area with outstanding warrants from all over the philadelphia area. anything from drug offenses to failing to pay child support. in all 42 men and women were arrested. those dead pete beat parents taken over the street owe a combined $187,000 in child support. it's the 18th straight year of operation dead beat sweep. still ahead on fox 29, a
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wild ride that's hard for parents to watch. >> wait until you see this. a police dash cam records an out of control schoolbus. why officers say the driver was all over the road and how that is scary ordeal came to an end without anyone getting hurt. and it's a valentine's day weekend. love is in the air and apparently show is suspicion and spying. the surpriseing things flying off store shelves next. >> chris the phillies have ton of questions surrounding them entering this season. the guys pack up and leave for spring training in hopes of founding some answers. that's later in sports. >> coming up in weather we couldn't to keep tabs on an arctic air m
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>> if you're a parent this may be hatch hard to watch. crazy dash cam video taken by a deputy in minnesota. out of control bus was carrying 11 students at the time. it was we have beening in and
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out of lanes it almost head to head with an coming driver. a student on board this bus called 911 said the bus drive was in medical duress. eventually state trooper was able to stop the bus. the student students and bus driver all said to be okay. scary stuff. >> a nationwide measles outbreak has one pennsylvania lawmaker urging parents to give shots a shot. us senator bob casey urging parents in the keystone state to get their children vaccinateed. he joined an expert outlining steps to curb an outbreak here. right now pennsylvania has the second lowest measles vaccination rates in the nation among canted guiltiness and that puts the public's health at risk. for those parents who aren't sure they want to vaccinate their children, casey has this message. >> it goes beyond to our community. we all have an obligation to do all that we can. not just to do the right thing for our own children, but also to do the right thing for the
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community. that i think is a basic obligation -- obligation of all of us as citizens. >> senator casey surging the stitt health department to look no why vaccination rates are so low here in the state. well thome be valentine's day but it's also a special day for those waiting for organ donations. volunteers from donate live pennsylvania and penndot out in south philadelphia this afternoon row minding people the importance of organ and tissue donation. penndot says more than 4 million pennsylvanians are already signed up for organ and tissue donation but that is less than half of all licenseed drivers and id card holders in the state. on to your fox 29 weather authority. scott we talk about cold weather. this is dangerously cold. serious stuff it. >> really is. outdoor exposure for long period of time we're talking maybe 30 minutes or less. you could be looking at frost bite or hypothermia so take these warnings precautions certainly with heat. as we take a look at the
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forecast lows toward monday morning, two in philadelphia. the record is two back in 1888. we're looking at the coldest hear in decades across our area. take look at the temperatures on this friday evening. it's frigid eight in the poconos right now. 18 pottstown. 18 in lancaster. we're looking at 20 degrees right now in atlantic city. but those are the air temperatures. you have to factor in the wind how your body reacts how it actually feels. it feels like 12 in philly. it feel like two below already in the pocono mountains. so 23 degrees those wind right now out of the west northwest at about 12 miles per hour. but they will be picking up. in fact the frigid conditions really move in saturday night into sunday. so take a look at saturday night into sunday and feels like temperatures by 7am on sunday in philadelphia six below. 10 below what it will feel like in wilmington as well as millville over to atlantic city. close to 20 below in the pocono mountains and then you can see by 10:00 a.m., not much improvement still looking at
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wind chills and feels like temperatures below zero. so tomorrow, valentine's day, we have that snowfall moving in during afternoon and evening. winter weather advisories have been posted so if you dinner reservations the afternoon and evening we're looking at slick roadways blowing snow and reduced visibles with those snow squalls that will be moving in. so you can see we're dry right now. but take a look to the north and west around the great lakes. that's the disturbance. that will be bringing us that snowfall by tomorrow afternoon. moving in from the west. here's the clock. by 2:00 p.m. you can see some of those bands of snow moving in and that's going to drop at least one to 3-inches of snowfall on average tomorrow afternoon and evening. take look at 6:00 o'clock. we're still looking at that snow pretty good coverage across much of the entire viewing area. by 7:00 o'clock down the shore we're still looking at some of those snow squalls and then it starts to move out blustery conditions as we move toward overnight saturday into sunday. let's roll the clock and see how much snowfall to expect across
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the area. we're looking at a good one to 3-inches area wide. but some higher amounts likely once you move toward sections of the pocono mountains where they could see three to five. so saturday night into sunday afternoon that's when we have that high wind watch in effect. we could see some power outages and perhaps some bridge restrictions as those winds are going to gust up to 60 miles per hour. so saturday night we're watching the clock. you can see those winds really start to ramp up by nine, 10:00 o'clock over 30 miles per hour in philadelphia. over 40 in dover. and then take a look by sunday morning. over 50 miles an hour winds gusting right now as we move toward the dover area. that's the forecast up to 50 miles per hour in the pocono mountains. so this is going to make it feel bitterly cold outdoors and then by monday morning we're looking at that record low of two. so for tonight 17 in the city. 10 in the suburbs. tomorrow a high temperature of 36 degrees but temperatures will be plunge with that snow moving in in the evening.
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watching out on the roadways and once again we're looking at about one to 3-inches in philadelphia. 18 degrees. that's it for the high temperature on sunday but feels like temperatures will be in the single digits and then look at that lonely 2 degrees. monday morning for president's day high temperatures top out around 21 degrees. and then you can see another chance by the middle of the week for a wintry mix. so temperatures staying below where we should be though,. >> way below. >> thanks, scott. >> it's valentine's day weekend. we've been talking about it but have you ever thought about spying on someone? >> no. >> this time of year. i haven't either. >> it turns out there's an up tick in people who don't just think about it they act on it. while you may think love is in the air this weekend spy experts are warning valentine's day is when they see the biggest spike in spy gear sales. sidney may the co owner of this spy shot in houston shows us the hottest item people are buying this year.
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>> gps tracking devices. that's because i believe either before valentine's day it's usually cheater is going to their second person and then on valentine's day, they're going to their main person. >> nothing says i love you like a gps tracker. (laughter). >> trackers cameras are so small a lot of them you may not even know they are there. >> that is unbelievable. okay. cut it out people. pack up and leave for flor. that's right. the phillies are getting ready for spring training. women's basketball team won a histor
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>> the flyers still have a chance to make the playoffs but they bet get moving. eight-point back of the final play off spot. the flyers need to cut into that lead at column bess against seven. the phillies getting out of the cold and heading to clearwater florida. spring training is a upon us baseball fans. the tomb has plenty to figure out. what to do with ryan howard and who is going to row place all those aging vets. the truck weren't down today and the first game is march 1st. i never heard the president get -- the woman's basketball team is putting their name on the map. the lady tigers are ranked as high as 16 in the country and approaching in the ivy league.
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>> 21-sore the only undefeated team in women's college basketball. i'm not talking about connecticut or tennessee. that's right i'm talking about princeton. tiger never seen before in the ivy league run. >> we call it streaking around here. obviously streaking nass on winning streak and also as -- a pack of tigers are called. >> princeton the first ivy league team to be ranked in the top 25. this slot is falling at another level. ultimate goal to make the inform caa tournament of course. but the great start still feels special. >> being defeated is doing things the right way. competing and getting process as the season goes. this journey is magical and we're enjoying every second of
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it. >> when you think princeton you think about academics first. this team has made four out of the last five inform caa tournament that's right a team to reckon with without the country and they're ready to prove it. >> it means ivy league can play. we can compete with big schools. big 10, big conferences. and i think it make a statement for us in were we're trying to do ton national level not just in our conference. >> princeton is an academic school first. woodrow wilson, michelle obama and countless other scholars come out of this great school. but this team is trying to prove tigers also have some pretty good athletes. >> it shows that you can have it all. you can be really committed to student. really committed division one athlete. you can have the national exposure in order to be on this historic ride. >> brain and ball skills who would have thought? they have both. >> very impressive. thank you, sea inform. >> had does it for us here at
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6:00. >> inside edition is up next. stay war
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50 shades frenzy. >> is the movie really sending people to the emergency room? then, for crying outloud. kim kardashian's baby. not everyone's happy. and teacher's sex scandal. is she the new mary kay? >> there are a lot of things the same, married, mothers themselves. supreme court confession. >> i wasn't 100% sober. plus -- >> deborah: a mother's revenge. >> why she's burning this house to the ground. and drinking on the mountain. >> do i seem inebriated? >>


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